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The Bakerview EcoDairy farm, located on 105 acres in Abbotsford, is a key component of the Nutriva Group and contributes to a shared mission, vision, and values: To improve health and well-being through innovation and collaboration. To make a difference for the common good. To be open & honest, win-win, find solutions, and make a difference.

At Bakerview Farm, we believe in growth and working hard to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.  We believe in learning and improving farming practices through study, education, research, and best practices. Here is the list of research projects that we are currently working on:

1. UBC – Calf Nitric Study
The goal of the project is to test Nitric Oxide as a natural anti-microbial to prevent respiratory infections and if it can be as effective as typically used antibiotics. As a result, we have established a safe dose of NO for the study and the results have shown to be the same or better, when compared to antibiotics (as it pertains to respiratory infections).

2. TRU Hydroponic + Milk/Meat
This project aims to determine the impact of Hydroponic grass on the nutritional composition of grass-fed milk and meat products. This will allow for higher energy rations in cattle diets, resulting in better animal finishing and milk production, while maintaining the nutritional profile of conventionally produced grass-fed milk and meat products.

3. AG Canada – Rice Trial Project
Since 2017, the research project of AAFC to improve the yield of rice production in BC has been taking place at Bakerview Farm.

4. Lallemand – Synergest Milk Replacer Trial
This trial will determine the effects of feeding Synergest in milk replacer to calves from 1-50 days of age. This research will help us gain a better understanding of ADG, Feed efficiency and clinical health incidences (scours, respiratory, etc.).

5. HydroGreen Dairy Trial
The purpose of this trial is to determine the effects of replacing increasing amounts of Dry Matter Intake Feed – DMIF (forage only, the grain only, combination forage and grain) with HydroGreen in lactating dairy cattle. This project will help us determine the optimal DMIF costs, milk yield, milk components (BF Protein), reproductive performance and general health.

6. N Power Clear Tech
The objective is to find low-cost and adaptable solutions for hundreds of dairy farms (and other Agri-operations) in North America that are required to reduce their phosphorus footprint to meet local discharge limits in the coming years.

7. Migratory Birds Research with UBC and Environment Canada This collaborative research project is to track songbirds on migration and senses the interest of our community.

8. Palm Fats Feeding Trial in Holstein Cows

The objective of this research project is to investigate the effects of feeding various palm fat sources on DMI, milk production/yield, milk components and milk fatty acid profile in dairy cattle. The results will help to determine the impact of physical form, palm fat concentration, and Fatty acid composition.

9. Agrilyze & SFU- field sensor development

Development of sensors for in-field placement to gather data such as soil moisture content and nutrients (N, P, K) and to collate with satellite imagery.

10. Point 3 Biotech consortium- Pilot-scale digester testing facility

Establish a technology platform to facilitate research and development to enhance and optimize Anaerobic Digestion.

Our Services

We have an on-site lab Fraser Analytical Services (FAS) that analyze feed and water samples to ensure optimal nutritional benefits for animals. We test the feed and water on our farm and offer these services to other farmers across western Canada.  For feed & water testing click here.

Our Products

We specialize in farm fresh and traceable dairy, organic and free-range eggs and premium grass-fed beef.  Our product lines include Vitala Foods dairy and egg products, EcoDairy Milk, Hanks Grass Fed Beef and FreeBird organic eggs not to mention seasonal curated ice cream, fresh berries, and on-site farm market.

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.”

Brenda Schoepp


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