Our Farm

There are numerous farm attractions that we welcome you to experience and enjoy on our farm. 


EcoDairy provides farm tours and welcomes people onto the farm to inspire them to become agriculture advocates, to recognize the value and importance of farming and to understand where their food comes from.  We are transparent and happy to showcase our farm practices and how we care for our dairy cows. This is achieved through various means:

  • Cows lay on mattresses in individual comfort stalls (8 recycled tires per stall) and walk on soft, rubber covered flooring
  • Cows are fed in unique, individual stalls that help them feel secure while eating their nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health.
  • Cows wear and ‘Fitbit’ like collars that help keep track of the cows health
  • Cows are milked when they want with a robotic milker that offers up healthy treats
  • The barn has a climate controlled natural ventilation system and Spa-like conditions with a rotating brush for self-grooming, a foot bath for hoof care, soothing classical music, 18 hours of light per day that simulates spring time.
  • We have BC’s first on-farm anaerobic digester which we operate in partnership with CowPower BC. The system takes our cows’ manure, heats it, and collects methane gas which is then burned by a generator to create electricity to power our buildings and equipment, offsetting a portion of our electricity needs.

Nature’s Pickin’s Farm Market

It’s great having an on-sight market that not only carries the many products produced on this farm but an amazing variety of locally sourced produce and products well.

Petting zoo

Our petting zoo is free for the public to enjoy year-round.  Come and meet our farm animal friends including goats on the roof!

Seasonal Attractions

Our ever-popular IceCream stand opens during the summer months, and the blueberry and blackberry U-pick is dependent upon the season and weather.   We are open and bursting with berries when the bushes are ready, but when they are gone, the U-pick is done until next year.

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